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  제품소개  DSC   DSC 7020

DSC 7020 
DSC(Differential scanning calorimeter)는 물질의
기본적인 열적특성을 측정하는 장비입니다.
Heat flux DSC는 하나의 Furnace안에 시료와 기준물질을 좌우에 놓고
동시에 가열하여 시료와 기준물질의  Heat flow(열흐름)의 차이를
측정하게되며 이러한 Heat flow의 차이는 온도차에 비례합니다.

◆ Measurement technique

Fusion/Glass transition/thermal history/
Crystallization/rate of cure/degree of cure/
Oxidation stability&thermal change/
Specific heat capacity /purity/reaction kinetic
1. High Sensitivity

  Realized 0.2μW sensitivity with Digital optimize technologies.
  It is possible to measure glass transition temperature
  with 10μg sample only.
Glass Transition of Polystyrene
2. Highly Improved Cooling Performance

  Newly designed cooling systems including Auto LN2 Gas Cooling System
  and Electronic Cooling System are available. The cooling performances
  of both systems are improved.
cooling Unit
3 High Throughput Measurement with Full Line-Up Options

  Auto-Sampler Unit and Mass Flow Controller options improve high effective
cooling Unit
Model DSC7020 Auto Sampler Unit
Temperature Range -170 to 725°C
Measurement Range ±350mW
Sensitivity 0.2㎼
Scan Rate 0.01 to 100°C/min
Number of Samples Max. 50nos
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