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  제품소개  Options   Real View Sample Observation Unit

Real View Sample Observation Unit 
열분석기에 결합시켜서 측정되는 동안
Sample의 변화를 관찰할수 있는
Optional 장치입니다.

Sample의 특성변화로 인한 Sample의
형태변화, 색상변화를 관찰할수 있고
이미지를 저장할수 있습니다.
1. Easy Attachment to DSC

  This unit can be attached to the new and previous DSC, EXSTAR series.
2. Real-Time Observation while Measurement

  The sample status can be displayed "real". The image data which are linked with the temperature
  and DSC signals can be stored.
3. Image Data Analysis linked with Temperature and DSC Signal

  Two types: thumbnail / slide show stored image data can be displayed linked with the temperature and DSC signals.
 Thumbnails display

  Thumbnail Images are displayed. Linked image can be shown by pointing
  out the arbitrary point on the DSC curve.
 Slideshow display

  Slide show function is available with the stored image data. As the slide show goes,
  DSC signal curve turns into thick lines.
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