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  제품소개  DSC   X-DSC 7000 (고감도형 시차열량주사계)

X-DSC 7000 (고감도형 시차열량주사계) 
New Sensor
▷DSC 감도 : 0.1uW
  새로운 DSC센서로 3배의 감도 향상
  중심열류방식으로 안정된 Heat flow

New Furnace
▷베이스라인 재현성 : ±5 uW 이하
▷furnace구조 최소화
▷저열용량의 금속3층 단열벽에 의해 baseline변동을 억제
▷뛰어난 안정성과 재현성을 실현
▷온도 추종성 향상
▷전자동 가스 냉각유닛(LN2냉각)과 전기냉각유닛을 간단히 교환가능
1. Highest sensitivity, superior baseline stability and repeatability by the new technology

  New sensor achieves tripled sensor performance by the multiple thermocouples (compared to the products of SIINT).
  New furnace which is composed of 3 layer insulation wall and the optimized heating and cooling structure suppresses
  the influence of baseline fluctuation, and increases temperature following capability.
  These achieve world's leading performance of DSC sensitivity less than 0.1μW (RMS noise less than 0.05μW)
  and baseline repeatability ±5μW. It enables the more reliable.
2. Improved Temperature Control Performance

  New furnace delivers the expanded temperature range up to -80~500°C in case of using electrical cooling unit.
  Cooling control performance enables down to -50°C at 10°C/min linearly.
  Automatic LN2 gas cooling unit improves the cooling efficiency and the amount of LN2 used decreased.
3. Easy Cooling Unit Exchange

  Electrical cooling unit and automatic LN2 gas cooling unit can be exchanged by users easily depend on the temperature range
   and the measurement purpose.
4. Excellent Expandability and Option Line-Up

  The auto-sampler can be attached easily.
  The reliable routine measurement can be achieved by the combination of the auto-sampler and the mass controller.
  The photochemical reaction measurement is achieved by attaching UV irradiation unit.
  The sample observation unit can be attached.
Model X-DSC7000 AS-3DX Auto Sampler Unit
Temperature Range -170 to 725°C
Measurement Range ±100mW
Sensitivity 0.1㎼
Scan Rate 0.01 to 100°C/min
Number of Samples Max. 50nos
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