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  제품소개  TG/DTA   STA 7200

STA 7200 
STA는 한번의 실험으로 온도변화와 무게변화의 열적특성을 측정하는
TG와 DSC(Heat flow)혹은 DTA(Differential Temperature)의 열적특성을
동시에 측정하는 장비입니다.

◆ Measurement technique

TG Technique
Moisture and Volatiles content of materials
Thermal Stability /  Oxidative Stability
Decomposition Kinetics

DSC & DTA Technique
Fusion / Glass transition Temp. etc.
1. New Balance Control Technology

  The newly-developed “Horizontal Digital Dual Beam System”
  guarantees the highest baseline stability and the lowest
  noise levels ever seen in TG/DTA (TGA/DTA) analysis.
Glass Transition of Polystyrene
Glass Transition of Polystyrene
2. New Temperature Control Functions

  Temperature precise, accuracy and cooling performances
   are improved with newly designed FRONT STREAM temperature
   control technology and low heat capacity furnace technology.
cooling Unit
3. High Throughput Measurement with Full Line-Up Options

  Newly developed Auto-sampler system and MASS flow control
   technology can satisfy variety application requirements.
cooling Unit
4. "Real View TG/DTA" Sample Observation Option

  TG/DTA7220 can easily switch to a real view measurement.
  Real View TG/DTA displays and saves the changes of samples
  during a measurement by linked images. After the measurement,
  you smoothly display and analyze by loading the saved image
  using analysis software and linking to temperature and each
  More highly reliable information is obtained for evaluating thermal
  analysis behavior.
cooling Unit
Model TG/DTA7200,7220 standard type TG/DTA7300 Auto Sampler Unit
Temperature Range
Ambient to 1100°C
(When using TG/DTA7220 Sample Observation Option: from ambient to 500ºC)
Ambient to 1500°C
Balance Type Horizontal Differential Type
TG Measurement Range ±400mg
TG Sensitivity 0.2?g
DTA Measurement Range ±1000?V
Scan Rate 0.01 to 150°C/min 0.01 to 100°C/min
Purge Gas Flow Rate 0 to 1000ml/min
Cooling Time 1000 to 50°C Within 12min
Number of Samples Max. 50nos
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