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  제품소개  TMA/SS   TMA/SS 7100

TMA/SS 7100 
ThermoMechanical Analyzer(TMA)는 시간 , 온도, 시료에 가해지는
하중의 변화에 따른 선형 혹은 부피같은 Dimension의 변화를 측정하는

◆ Measurement technique

Expansion coefficient
Glass transition
Softening / swelling / creep
Stress-strain characteristics
Stress relaxation
Dynamic visco-elasticity
High-capacity TG and others
1. High Sensitivity

  TMA/SS7000 is equipped with newly developed
  “Z-stabilizer” signal optimization technology,
  which cuts noise levels to achieve highly sensitive
Glass Transition of Polystyrene
2. Under the High Temperature and High Humidity

  Additional options allow measurement under high temperature and high humidity conditions.
  Furthermore, it is extensible to swelling and vacuum measurements.
3. The Eco-Friendly Cooling Unit

  The eco-friendly cooling unit cuts liquefied nitrogen consumption
  by approximately 40% (compared to previous models).
  Electrical cooling units that do not use liquefied nitrogen can also be connected.
cooling Unit
4. Effective Atmosphere Control

  A mass flow meter can be incorporated into the gas control so the atmosphere can be efficiently controlled
  by not only the purge gas ON/OFF switch but also programmed flow rate control.
5. Improved Temperature Control Function

  The new built-in temperature control function is designed to reduce the gap between the program temperature
  and the measurement sample temperature and improve temperature compliance.
Model TMA/SS7100 TMA/SS7300
Sample Cylinder Quartz, metal Alumina
Temperature Range -170 to 600°C Ambient to 1500°C
TMA Measurement Range ±5mm
TMA Sensitivity 0.01μm
Load Range ±5.8N
Scan Rate 0.01 to 100°C/min
Maximum Sample Size Expansion; Ф10 х L25mm
Tension; W1х T5х L25mm
Expansion; Ф10 х L25mm
Sample Length Measurement Automated Measurement
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