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  제품소개  DMA   DMA 7100

DMA 7100 
Dynamic Mechanical Spectrometer(DMS)는 주기적인 응력(Stress)하에서
시간, 온도, Frequency의 변화에 따른 시료의 점탄성 및 Damping(에너지손실)등
기계적거동변화를 측정하는 장비입니다.

◆ Measurement technique

Storage&loss modulus / Tan delta
Complex viscosity / Damping
Creep & Stress relaxation
Glass transition temp.
Rate & degree of cure
1. Easy operation with interactive software and easy
  sample exchange measurement head makes
  your analysis comfortable

  Each type of measurement head corresponding to a variety of
  deformation modes is ergonomically designed and structurally
  improved to enable easy and secure installation of samples..
  Even the novice operator is able simply and confidently operate
  by using a sample measurement navigation software,
  which leads you through the operation procedure by
  easy-to-understand illustrations, from the setting of measurement

Simple Measurement Navigation
2. Highly reliable measurements by Lissajous monitor

  The instrument comes standard with a Lissajous monitor for observing the relationship of response
  and deformation of a sample being measured. The deformed condition of a sample can be verified
  in the real time for each measurement point. The sample deforming status at each measurement point
  can be verified even after measurement, thus supporting highly reliable data acquisition using a
  Lissajous graph.

Lissajous Monitor
3. More economical cooling unit

  Able to connect the fully automated gas cooling unit employed with the EXSTAR7000 series.
  This economical cooling unit cuts liquid nitrogen consumption by 30% from the previous model.
4. Sample Observation Option (Real View DMS) (Option)

  Real View DMS displays and saves sample status changes
  by continued images during the measurement. Using the analysis
  software after a measurement and loading a saved image,
  lets you link with temperature and each signal, and display
  and diagnosis smoothly.
  More reliable analysis can be done like evaluating the heat
Deformation Mode
Tension, Bending, Shear, Film Shear, Compression, 3 Point Flexure
Sine Wave Oscillation ... 0.01 to 200Hz
Measurement Range
105 to 1012Pa& (Tension), 105 to 1012Pa (Bending), 103 to 109Pa (Shear), 104 to 1010Pa (Film Shear), 105 tp 109Pa (Compression), 106.5 to 1013.5Pa 3 Point Bending
Program Temp Rang
-150 to 600°C
Heating Speed
0.01 to 20°C/min
Output Values
Temperature, Frequency, Time, E’(G’), E”(G”), │E*│(│G*│), tanδ, η, J’, J”, Ft, dL, Stress, Strain

Deformation modes "Bending", "Shear", "Film Shear", "Compression" and "3 Point Flexure" are optional
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